Successful Weight Loss Using Green Tea

Successful Weight Loss Using Green Tea

Green tea is very commonly used and is always well known for improving the health of an individual. However, not many people are aware that it also burns the calories and helps people to lose weight. Successful weight loss using green tea is considered one of the weight loss industries biggest secret. Do not get too excited if you are just getting to know this fact because keep in mind green tea only helps speed up weight loss and cannot work without exercising and some kind of diet. So do not eliminate exercising and dieting completely just yet as they are also still very important.

So as you now know, green tea cannot do all the weight loss work for you, but how does it actually help in weight loss? The answer is in the caffeine which is a major ingredient in the tea and it works as a stimulant to get rid of the extra unwanted calories. There are so many drinks that contain caffeine such as soda, coffee and energy drinks you must be wondering why cannot I take those instead. Well these drinks contain so much of calories of their own along with their caffeine, so you may be consuming the caffeine in these drinks but also a huge portion of calories along with it which is not the case for green tea.

ECCG or also known as epigallocatechin gallate is the catalyst in green tea which helps speed up the effectiveness of the caffeine to help shed the extra calories in your body with rapid speed. This catalyst helps eliminate potentially up to 60 to 90 calories in a day. This you will not get with any type of soda or coffee and is the main reason making green tea such an effective tool to speed up weight loss. If you are thinking that losing 60 to 90 calories in a day is not impressive enough then think of it this way, that adds up to about 9 pounds in a year from doing almost nothing but drinking green tea. Of course you have to be living a pretty healthy lifestyle and add that up with your exercise and diet plans, can you imagine how much weight you would be losing in a year?

Besides being able to help individuals to lose weight faster, green tea also has another special benefit. It works as an antioxidant which has numerous health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart problems, increasing your metabolism rate and improving your cholesterol level. All these improvements will pave the way towards a much more healthier and longer life. I am sure along with losing weight you would also want to be free of any health problems.

One big tip that you can undertake especially if you are a coffee lover is to replace your daily coffee intake and avoid those extra huge amounts of calories with drinking green tea daily. Replacing all the chemicals and calories available in coffee with a healthy herbal tea can do wonders for you in a health and weight loss perspective. Get healthy the smart natural way and no doubt a successful weight loss using green tea will be yours in no time.

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