Information About Lung Cancer Symptoms

Information About Lung Cancer Symptoms

The most common symptoms of lung cancer are coughing, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, a dull, aching, unrelentant chest pain, wheezing, hoarseness and persistent respiratory infections.

Any onset of persistent coughing, especially in a smoker or former smoker. should be checked out as soon as possible by a doctor.

The same is true of the coughing up of any amount of blood, even if it seems to be only a minimal amount. It may be nothing at all but then again, it might be something of major importance.

Shortness of breath may be a sign of an increase of the fluid which is around the lung. The medical name for this is pleural effusion. Another cause of shortness of breath may be a tumor in the lung. Either of these conditions may well cause a blockage which prevents the required amount of air from flowing into the lung.

Medical professional say that their studies have determined that approximately one fourth of the people suffering from lung cancer experience dull, aching, unrelenting chest pains.

Both wheezing and hoarseness are also possible symptoms of lung cancer. They may well be signs of a possible blockage or inflammation which is caused by lung cancer.

Repeated and persistent bouts of bronchitis or pneumonia or any kind of what appears to be respiratory infection may be lung cancer. It may not be, but then again it may and whatever it is, it should be checked out and taken care of.

The symptoms which may occur depend upon the size and the location of the tumor or tumors.

Medical professionals claim that their studies show that thirty to forty percent of the cases of lung cancer which they have studied are metastic, that is they spread from the initial part of the body where they have grown to other parts of the body, even if they are not attached to each other. In the majority of cases, lung cancer has been shown to spread for major parts of the body, those parts being the liver, the adrenal glands, the bones and the brain.

Don’t “wait and see what happens” don’t “wait and see if the symptoms get worse”. If you go to the doctor and it is shown that these signs do not indicate that you have cancer, don’t look at it as wasted money, celebrate. If you go to the doctor and find that you do have cancer, then celebrate that you have acted upon the signs immediately, it may well make a difference in whether you can be helped, that is cured, or not.

You only have one body, take care of it, protect it from harm. To borrow from an old commercial, “the life you save may be your own”.

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