Things You Can Do to Keep a Healthy Voice For Those People Who Rely On It

Things You Can Do to Keep a Healthy Voice For Those People Who Rely On It

For many people, having a good strong voice is essential to making a living. This is true for singers, actors, people in radio and TV, and professional public or motivational speakers. If they lose their voice from overuse, they can not work which is a huge problem. This article will look into why people lose their voices and become husky sounding and the different things you can do to fix that problem such as drinking organic herbal tea or organic oolong tea as well as things you can do to avoid it altogether.

There are many things you can do everyday to keep your vocal cords healthy and to avoid losing your voice if you need to have it be clear for your career. One obvious thing is to avoid smoking as well as being around too much second hand smoke. This is becoming easier for singers that perform in bars and restaurants as most states now have no smoking rules for their establishments. Another thing is not to abuse any other kind of substance such as alcohol or prescription drugs recreationally. This is not only good to avoid for your voice but for your overall health. If you keep your entire body healthy then your voice will be healthy too.

One thing that you commonly hear about, particularly with singers is how to keep their throat moist and lubricated. A lubricated throat is one that will sound smooth and clear when it is being used, especially when having to belt out a song. There are many various techniques that singers use for lubricating their throats and vocal cords. One is drinking a special tea which has become known as singer’s tea that you can make yourself. The ingredients in this concoction are lemon, honey, cayenne, apple juice and ginger root. Other singers rely on other kinds of tea with a lot of honey or others believe that drinking pineapple juice is the best thing to do. Whatever you try, most of them are organic and are good for you regardless if they lubricate your throat but hopefully, they will.

Some professional speakers that spend hours speaking and projecting their voices to a large audience often lose their voices too. Another remedy or alternative to drinking a type of tea or lubricating drink is to use some kind of a throat spray. There are many types on the market but one is an organic spray that is made specifically for this; is called vocal-eze which many professionals think is the best option for their voices.

The last option is suggestions to prevent vocal distress from happening in the first place. If you continually strain your voice, you could end up with nodules on your vocal cords which if left untreated could require surgery to remove. Having speech therapy as well as doing a variety of vocal exercises to strengthen your vocal cords can prevent this problem from happening. Prevention and healthy living and remedies are the key to a healthy voice.

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