Green Tea – How Green Tea Works For Weight Loss

Green Tea – How Green Tea Works For Weight Loss

Green tea is known as more than just a beverage. Though there is no harm in using it in place of your regular tea, people often use it as a weight loss supplement. Chinese and other Asian people have used it for centuries as a herbal medicine. It is known to cure headache, depression, indigestion and many other common diseases.

However the most talked about property of green tea is its ability to help you lose weight. Any weight loss program focuses on increasing your calorie burning capacity or reducing your calorie intake. Consumption of Green tea helps you achieve both; therefore it works wonders for your weight loss.

How Green Tea works

• Herbal or organic teas intensify your fat oxidation and thermogenesis process which is a scientific term for body’s ability to burn calories. It blocks the absorption of fat and regulates blood glucose levels.

• It increases your metabolism and helps you accelerate the fat burning process. While burning fat, green tea also ensures that you do not absorb and deposit more fat on your body. The net result is fat weight loss.

• It is known to suppress your appetite therefore you do not feel like eating junk food. As you cut down on your junk food intakes, you start losing weight anyway.

• One of the most important ingredients of any herbal tea is Polyphenols such as Catechin,Epicatechin gallate, Gallocatechin. These are natural anti oxidants that help you burn calories very fast.

How much organic tea should we drink?

Depending upon the ingredients, many manufacturers recommend 5 to 10 cups every day. However such high dosages are often counterproductive. Strong and effective blends do not require you to drink more than 2 or 3 drinks a day. Just do your research before spending your money on unknown brands.

Which is the best Organic tea for weight loss?

Though there are various blends available on the market, the latest green tea for weight loss that has created a sensation in the health market is Tava Tea. It contains a perfect blend of various teas which ensure fast weight loss. Unlike other organic and herbal teas, you can get the desired effect by consuming just one or two drinks a day.

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