What You Should Know About An Inversion Chair

Inversion therapy is beneficial for patients who have sustained injuries to the spine or joints. The therapy provides a way to lower pain levels and increase mobility. For some patients, the therapy generates only short-term benefits. However, patients with chronic conditions can utilize the therapy with additional steps of a care plan to achieve longer-lasting relief. The following are the benefits of an inversion chair.

Why Should You Use a Chair?

The chair can provide the benefits of an inversion table. However, it could present the patient with a more relaxed session. The chair is shaped more like their bodies. It will conform to their body better than a table. It takes more of the stress off the back and achieves the same pain relieving benefits.

Who Should Use the Chair?

Patients with issues that affect their lower extremities get the most benefits out of the chair. This includes knee and leg injuries or chronic conditions. The conditions could also affect the ankles or feet. The associated conditions often affect seniors and athletes most often. They affect their mobility and can prevent them from performing their everyday activities. The purpose of the inversion therapy in these cases is to increase mobility by relieving the pain.

What are the Major Differences?

The inversion table presents the ability to use the pressure from dangling to generate the desired effect. The entire body must sway to achieve this effect. However, with a chair, the patient can achieve the same benefits with more control. They can sway the lower half of their body without using the full force of their body.

What are the Exact Benefits of the Product?

The chairs offer leg stability to prevent the patient from sustaining more injuries. It is constructed of heavy-gauge steel to support patients of all weights easily. It can also provide the 70-degree angle which is recommended for the therapy.

Clinicians may recommend inversion therapy for patients with leg injuries. The therapy can help the patients to lower pain levels and achieve better mobility. For seniors and athletes, this therapy could help them to avoid surgery altogether. Patients who want to learn more about the therapy can discuss their options with their clinician.

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