Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survival Rate – Be Informed

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survival Rate – Be Informed

40 percent of people who have been diagnosed of having malignant tumors in their lungs resulted in Stage 4 cancer of the lung. This is one of the most terrible news for anyone who has been diagnosed of cancer. A person may be devastated if he knew he was having a terminal disease that has a life expectancy of 8 months to a year and a lung cancer survival rate that is below 5 percent chance of survival.

Stage 4 lung cancer is one of the most lethal diseases in the entire world today. Life expectancy or even possibility of being cured is affected by a number of variables. When one is in the later stage of cancer, treatments and procedures are not the only things that can help the patient. Sometimes patients tend to not respond correctly to treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy that their body is limited to tolerate the treatments being given to them.

Complications and health conditions such as emphysema and blood clots in the lungs can lower lung cancer survival rate even below 5 percent. Age is a huge contribution to one’s capacity to survive, and this is due to the stronger natural defences of a young person than one in the later stages. Women also have a better survival rate when it comes to lung cancer than men.

The location of the tumor is one of the biggest concerns in determining the survival of one with stage 4 lung cancer. If the malignant cancer cells of the patient have started to infect other tissues and vital organs, the survival chances of the cancer of the lung drops down greatly each day that passes.

Statistics or researches that are written by medical practitioners all around the globe are based on the past years that went by. The most recent statistics of survival in a stage 4 cancer of the lungs are still based as early as 2005. With all the advancements in modern technology today, new treatment patterns are now being done by medical professionals in order to keep up with the spread of cancer cells throughout the body.

The five – year lung cancer survival rate of people diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the lung is at a terrible rate of 5 to 10 percent chance of survival. Most of these patients are given 8 months to live upon diagnosis and only around 50 percent of these have moved past the 8 month period.

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