How To Make The Perfect Juice

The World Health Organization advocates for proper dietary practices as that is the best remedy that will help promote good health. One of the best food elements that will help you get excellent health is juice. Juices are made from fruits and vegetables that are well known as the main sources of vitamins and phytochemicals. The method that you use to make up your juice is what will determine the quality of juice you make. How do you make the best juice? Here is a guide from Hurom that will help you make the best juice for your family.


Select the Base

The first step that will help you create the best juice is choosing the best base. When talking of the base, we are mainly referring to the ingredients that you will use to make your juice. Most of the time, the bases include the fruits and vegetables. The base is the dominant taste that you want to feel when drinking your juice. If you need to sip a passion juice, then the dominant base should be passions even when you will mix it with other fruits. Examples of ingredients include cucumber, celery, apple, carrots, and pears.


Add Other Fruits

The next step is to add other types of fruits if you will need to make a juice made of fruit combinations. Some people would like to experience various tastes in one glass of juice. This is the perfect step that they should take. However, it would be best if you understood the nutritional value of the fruits that you want to combine. Some food components hinder the absorption of other types of foods.


For your juice not to be flat in taste, we advise you to combine fruits when making your juice. For example, a combination of passion and beetroot will help you make the sweetest juice.


Add Flavours and Other Boosts

What follows next is adding flavor enhancers. It is advisable to use minimal amounts of these flavor enhances because most of them are chemically made. The presence of these chemicals are some associated with lifestyle diseases such as cancers and many others. Liberal amounts of flavors should be added because when you tamper with the amounts, you will destroy the taste of your juice. If there are natural flavors in the vicinity, one can go for them as they are highly recommended because they are nutritious and healthy.


Add Enough Water

The amount of water that one should add is relative to the quality and quantity of juice that you want. The best juice, according to Hurom, is the one that is thicker. The thicker the juice, the more nutritious it is and the vice versa. When you add a lot of water, the nutrients become distributed and dissolved in water; thus, when sharing it across the glasses, the nutrients that you get are less. The main aim of drinking juice is to ingest various minerals and other trace elements that are present in the ingredients used in its preparation.


Add Sugar and Blend

For those who need sweetness in their juices, they can add sugar in it. Some people who have diabetes who do not prefer sugar can eliminate it as well. The next step is blending your juice. Depending on the amount of juice that you want to blend, you will increase the power of your blender and get the perfect juice for yourself.



These are the five easy steps that you can follow to prepare a nutritious juice for yourself and your family. Everybody can do it provided you have the necessary equipment and ingredients.


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