Hazardous Effect of Cigarette Smoking to Individuals

Hazardous Effect of Cigarette Smoking to Individuals

Smoking is the process that is very hard to eliminate for many individuals, especially to those who already hooked in this kind of vice. Throughout the globe, millions of people who are accounted to be addicted to this kind of vices. People who are into this kind of thing do not think about the hazardous effect of it to their body.

A lot of diseases can be acquired through smoking, however, why it is hard for many people to stop or quit this hazardous vice.

Teens and adults smokes due to some personal reasons. Other start smoking because they are seeking for thrill and enjoyment, teens usually do it as their because of these reasons until they became totally addicted to the nicotine presented in the cigarette. Some people do smoke due to the relief they have achieved from smoking and other because of their low self-esteem and their desire to fit in a peer group.

Whatever the reason a person has to get involved in smoking addiction, there are lots of things that he needs to face in his life. Having a serious health problems and conditions are the dangers of being addicted in cigarette smoking.

Cigarettes have tobacco that consists of more than 4,000 chemical compounds and over 400 toxic substances that can be very dangerous to one’s health.

There are various diseases caused by smoking into the body. People who became addicted in smoking usually suffer from a number of severe illness and diseases that can be very fatal for sufferers. The common illness to acquire in smoking is having coughs and colds. Other diseases that can be very fatal like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, lung cancer, and other respiratory problems. The most common body parts that are greatly affected and damaged by the toxins from cigarettes are the liver, lungs and kidney which can made a person’s life very miserable.

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