Fenugreek Tea – One of the Miracle Teas

Fenugreek Tea – One of the Miracle Teas

Fenugreek tea goes way back in history to the Ancient Egyptians. It has been in use from that time period to today but very good results. It has many health benefits. Fenugreek is grown around the southern Mediterranean regions – it’s popular in Greece and southern Italy, for example, as well as North America and as far as India where it is one of the ingredients in curry after being dried and ground.

Fenugreek tea is made from the seeds of the plant. You can often find it as one of the ingredients in detox teas. This is because the seeds contain good fiber which swells when it comes into contact with any fluid. This helps encourage bowel movements. It is a good tea to use for the whole digestive process. It’s even helpful if you have bad breath!

It has also been used to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

It is also used for coughs and bronchitis as it helps loosen and remove excess mucus.

You can even use it topically to calm irritation and inflammation like wounds, blisters and insect bites. In this case, use it cold. Not only that you can apply it if you have sore muscles, gout and even arthritis.

It’s simple to make. Just put a teaspoon of seeds in a pot and pour a liter – that’s around 34 fluid ounces – of cold water onto it. Put it on the stove and bring it to a simmer for around fifteen minutes. Another method is to soak a pinch of seeds into 5 ounces of cold water and leave it there for about three hours. Strain and use.

Fenugreek tea is truly a jewel among herbal teas as its long history proves. It rightly deserves a place with your other herbal teas or even in your medicine cabinet.

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