Vitamin E and You Smokers

Vitamin E and You Smokers

I am dead set against cigarette smoking of any kind. Those of you that know me know how I feel about the risk you take when you smoke. So I created this article with trepidation, fearing I may be creating a situation where some of you may think that I have changed my opinion. I have not, but this information may possibly save someone’s life therefore I decided to write this article.

It seems that in a study that was designed to look at your antioxidants and your lung cancer, the researchers found that vitamin E was of no help to you in preventing your lung cancer. The group doing the study took it in supplements.

However, for those that were in this study that were smokers and for those that took about fifty milligrams (just about 75 IU) every day, it helped reduce their risk of prostate cancer. So it did not help you non smokers to prevent lung cancer but it turns out to be of a great benefit to you smokers.

It cut their risk of getting this prostate cancer by about thirty three per cent and drastically reduced their risk of dying from it by forty one per cent. Quite amazing I would say, wouldn’t you?

Now more recently another study of more than 29,000 men found that smokers who took more than 400 IU of vitamin E each day for eight years actually cut their prostate cancer risk by 71 per cent compared to smokers who did not take this vitamin E. This study also states that it had no affect on you non smokers.

That is odd by my standards but only smokers and smokers who had quit in the last ten years are the only ones protected by vitamin E relative to your prostate cancer. It seems to have no effect on you non smokers. The studies have shown that the vitamin E must be taken with food in ranges from 50 to 400 IU every day.

However if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or take anti coagulant medications you should not take it without close medical supervision because of your risk to stroke or hemorrhage. And as always you must eat well to be well.

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