Treatment of Herniated Spinal Discs

Discs in the spinal cord are present between vertebral bones to provide a cushioning effect. In the case of herniation of discs, the affected discs protrude out of their allocated spaces causing extra pressure on the spinal nerves. Herniated discs mostly occur in the lower region of the spinal cord. The main cause of herniation is low water content in the body. This results in the flattening of the discs due to the pressure of the bones. Another major reason causing this issue is trauma. This medical disorder is linked to aging and occurs in people aged 30 years or more. But there exist other factors that can cause herniated discs such as obesity, smoking, diabetes, etc.

The symptoms of herniated discs include sharp or throbbing pain which depends on the extent of herniation. The pain may spread around the back, hamstrings on the thighs or even into the calf muscles of one or both legs. In critical cases, one loses the ability to move or find comfort even when lying down. The most dangerous symptom can be twisting or bending of the neck which cannot be straightened out without discomfort.

Most herniated disc treatment venice fl has progressed rapidly in the last decade. Starting from expert chiropractors to experienced surgeons in multi-specialty hospitals, they have all the resources and experienced personnel to treat the most severe cases of herniated discs. Visiting the nearest clinic during such a case is a priority. The doctor in the emergency ward will inquire about the symptoms and medical history of the patient. Following which a physical test is done to examine the condition of the overall spine. The doctor will test the strength, movement and the reflexes of arms and legs of the patient. The doctor might recommend taking further scans of the spinal cord.

There exists no quick cure for this problem. Treatments include physical therapy to reduce pain, increase mobility and loosen the neck muscles. Some specific back and abdominal exercises are to be done regularly followed by the application of hot or cold packs to prevent muscle spasms. One can also opt for the services of a chiropractor. Another way to reduce muscle spasm is by wearing a neck collar. A doctor will also prescribe muscle relaxants and medium dosage painkillers.

Currently, in world-renowned hospitals, they are integrating technology with medical sciences and use Interventional Spine Care to treat herniated discs. The process starts with injecting steroid injections in the affected area to minimize pain and inflammation more effectively. Theirs exists minimally invasive procedures like nucleoplasty, chemonucleolysis to cure herniation of discs.

The last resort for a patient who is not responding well to other treatments is advised for surgery. There are mainly three types of procedures widely practiced. The first being Laminectomy which involves the removal of a required amount of bone from the spine and the affected disc. The second procedure is microdiscectomy, which involves a small incision for removing fragments of the herniated disc. Lastly, Spinal fusion includes fusing of vertebrates using metal rods and done only to patients suffering from this problem for a long time.

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