Stage 1 Lung Cancer Survival Rate – Know Your Odds

Stage 1 Lung Cancer Survival Rate – Know Your Odds

The earliest stage of cancer of the lung is when the malignant cells are confined to one area of the lung. When these cells started to spread outward and affect other healthy regions of the body, the level gets a little higher. At the initial form, the tumor starts in the tissue linings of the lungs. As it progresses, the tumor will affect other tissues of the lungs before it could start destroying other organs of the body. This malignant tumor is referred to as the primary tumor. Stage 1 lung cancer survival rate is just above 50 percent.

Cancer of the lung is one of the most dangerous types of cancers in the entire world. According to some research, this type of cancer has claimed as many as 1.3 million people annually since 2004. Most patients with this type of cancer are not aware that cigarette smoking is the primary reason for their dilemma. Cigarette or tobacco smoking contributes to a huge amount of lung cancer diagnostics. Over exposure to pollution or carcinogenic materials also increases one’s risk of having this dreaded disease. In some research, alcoholism also triggers an abnormal lung growth. We have to be reminded of the danger of this dreaded illness, and being informed as to how it can be prevented counts a lot.

There are two types of lung tumors. One is small cell and the other one is non-small cell carcinoma. At the earliest stage, the malignant cells haven’t invaded any lymph nodes yet. Stage 1 lung cancer survival rate in a five – year period is at 55 percent.

There are different symptoms one may see if affected by this dreaded disease. Following is a list of probable symptoms of lung cancer. Take note that these symptoms may also be the effect of other lung diseases.

• Persistent coughing or more often referred to as smoker’s cough• losing breath due to constriction of the airway• Over fatigue even in light exercises • Pain in the chest• Sudden discomfort in the chest area• Shallow breathing accompanied by wheezing• Traces of blood in phlegm• Lung infections like bronchitis or pneumonia that occur frequently• Change in the tone of voice is another symptom• It could also be weight loss

Stage 1 lung cancer survival rate can be improved. One must seek the help of medical professionals when diagnosed with this life altering disease. Doctors who are experienced with this type of illness are the key to extending one’s life.

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