Marijuana Prevention for Kids

Marijuana Prevention for Kids

While it is a fact that Marijuana is better for your body than alcohol, there are a number of reasons that smoking Pot is a poor decision. Smoking Marijuana is not only illegal but it damages brain cells, increases the chance for lung cancer, hurt cogitative development in both the short term and long term and has been proven to be a stepping stone to more serious drugs.

First of all, Marijuana is illegal and whether you agree with the laws or not, the fact remains that using the drug could land you in legal trouble. You could find yourself with a record that could damage your chances to get into college or get a job. Selling Marijuana or holding large amounts of the drug could leave to long prison terms.

Long-term use of marijuana has a plethora of physical effects. Brain cells are destroyed causing permanent cognitive damage making complicated thought difficult and shorten your attention span. It also causes lung cancer just like cigarettes. Lung cancer has a very low survival rate and is an extremely painful disease. Short terms effects include asthma and slow cognitive processing when on the drug. It leads to poor athletic performance and even poorer academic performance.

Marijuana has also proven to be a stepping-stone to more serious drug use. Once a person has used an illegal drug, it becomes much easier to use another illegal drug. Just like alcohol, which is also a stepping-stone drug, Marijuana use makes other drugs seem OK even when they are much more dangerous.

Lastly, Marijuana use causes apathy. Marijuana users have less success in school and athletics. They gradually lose interest in meaningful activities and spend their time with people who do not have interest in these activities either. The people you hang out with are one of the most important factors in your future success. Befriending successful people increases your chance of also being successful.

While Marijuana may in fact be better for you than Alcohol, both drugs are bad for you physically and cause numerous peripheral issues. Marijuana makes school, sports and life difficult and causes you physical and mental problems that greatly decrease your chance for success.

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