How Herbal Teas Can Calm Your Fear of Flying

How Herbal Teas Can Calm Your Fear of Flying

If you are dreading having to get on a plane because of your fear of flying. There are ways to calm down and relax that do not require medications. Try drinking an herbal tea if you are feeling anxious about your flight and need a way to calm yourself down. Herbal teas can offer many healthy benefits.

There is no caffeine in herbal teas. Caffeine is the last thing you want to drink if you already suffer from anxiety. Caffeine makes you jittery and unable to calm down and you do not want to feel that way if you already suffer from panic attacks due to a flying phobia.

These teas are natural and will not cause you to become over stimulated. Panic attacks can put a lot of stress on the body causing headaches, stomach aches and tension. Teas can help to settle these discomforts and create a calming effect on the body.

Here is a list of teas that are known for their relaxing properties. They can also help to calm your stomach and alleviate any tension and headaches that may be building up.

o Passion Flower tea may help in calming the nerves and combating anxiety. It can also help in giving you a good nights sleep. If you are pregnant or nursing you should avoid drinking passion flower tea. Drink one cup 30-60 minutes before bedtime for a good nights sleep. Drink 3-4 cups during the day to help calm nerves. If you are on medication check with your doctor before drinking this tea.

o Chamomile Tea is a relaxant that helps to ease panic attacks and anxiety. It is also great for relieving migraine headaches. It helps to promote a restful sleep as well. Drink twice a day. Once in the morning and then in the evening. Do not drink if you’re pregnant or taking blood thinners.

o Peppermint Tea can help settle your stomach creating a cool soothing effect. It helps to distress the body with the calming effect of the menthol. Peppermint tea can ease the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Peppermint tea has a minty refreshing flavor that you can drink hot or cold.

o Lavender tea is beneficial in treating upset stomach, calming nervousness and alleviating stress. It also promotes sleep and relieves headaches.

o Lemon Balm is a delicious tasting tea that helps to relieve headaches, promote sleep, combat nausea. It also helps to settle nerves and creates an overall calming effect.

You can conveniently carry a few tea bags in your purse or carry-on bag. All you need is some water and a sweetener, which shouldn’t be a problem.

These teas have been known to cause drowsiness, which may not be a problem if you have to be on a flight for several hours. Getting some sleep may be one of the best benefits of drinking these teas. It will take your mind off of worrying about the flight and you will be relaxed.

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