Everything You Need To Understand About Withings Smart Watch

The world is constantly talking about health. Consequently, the fitness market is getting larger and wider day by day. Whether you’re a health-conscious individual or enjoy a casual walk along the street or in a park on a Sunday morning, you may need a fitness tracker on your wrist to track and log your data.

For those who don’t have special knowledge on it, a fitness tracker is a device that measures your steps, heart rate, and general levels of activity. It also uses the data to show you how many calories you’ve burned and how many you should burn on that particular day. It even offers GPS technology to map your speed and distance, tracking your different activities.

When it comes to choosing the best fitness tracker with GPS, it might be challenging for you to select the right one among plenty of alternatives in the market. That’s why we’ve shared a review of an excellent fitness tracker. Hopefully, this article is going to be helpful to you.

The Steel HR Sport from Withings is one of the best fitness trackers available on the market today. It is designed for different workouts, monitoring heart rate with connected GPS. In this fitness gear, you will also have a fitness level assessment through VO2 Max estimation. Besides, this water-resistant comes with plenty of features that you should consider before making any purchase.

Quality Material

The fitness tracker is the construction of top quality materials with a durable stainless steel case. So, it can support you for a long without any hassle. Also, you will have 25 days of superior battery life with no charging. If you use GPS tracking, then you may not get this extended battery life.

Heart Rate Tracking

This tracking watch provides you with a heart rate tracking option to maximize your workouts. It delivers continuous heart rate and in-depth reporting that you can see on the small screen. Besides, this excellent fitness gear allows you to connect the Health Mate App to measure heart rate with time spent in different zones, such as peak, intense, moderate, and light.

Smart Notifications

When you are wearing this fitness tracker, you can call and text anyone and have events and app notifications from your smartphone once paired. So, you can keep moving and stay connected to the fitness world. Besides, this device includes a smart vibrating alarm to wake you up in the morning. You can even operate it in temperature from 10 to 45 degrees Celsius.

GPS Technology

With this excellent fitness tracking device with GPS technology, you can map your session with distance, elevation, and pace. The built-in GPS is also powerful enough to track your location perfectly. In this case, you need to connect it to the smartphone through bluetooth to enable your location settings.


  • Comes with attractive and fashionable looking
  • Provides long battery life
  • Includes comfortable bands
  • Counts step accurately
  • Tracks all the activities precisely


  • It might not be suitable for tracking stairs

Final Words

In short, this fitness tracker comes with almost every feature that a health-conscious individual expects from this type of gear. When you use this device, you need to keep in mind that the higher your level is, the more fit you will be. However, if you are looking for the best fitness tracker, this device can be a suitable option for you.

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