Detox Your Lungs to Be Free of Lung Disease

Detox Your Lungs to Be Free of Lung Disease

To detox your lungs is a good thing if you are a smoker, or have ever been a smoker. This is because cigarettes, as you are probably aware, are chock full of some of the nastiest chemicals, poisons and toxins that we can put into our bodies. To top this off the smoke you inhale leaves a residue behind that we call tar. A mixture of black/brown sticky cigarette leftovers that clogs your lungs and traps all those poisons in there!

As you can imagine, what your lungs look like is pretty appalling. This state of affairs is primed for a whole heap of lung disease that can strike at any time but especially when you are feeling under the weather. Such lung disease can include:

COPD – A mixture of lung problems grouped together to make it very hard to breathe

Chronic Bronchitis – Irritation of the bronchial tubes. Leads to pain and coughing

Emphysema – Shortness of breathe due to the destruction of parts of your lungs

Lung & Throat Infections – Painful and often dangerous, these can disable you for long periods of time.

Lung Cancer – The big one you must worry about.

Now this does not have to be a litany of what WILL happen to you. If you detox your lungs you can avoid these problems to a large degree and end up with a better, healthier set of lungs and a healthier body in general. This can be done by applying a regime of lifestyle changes that range form foods, exercise, vitamins supplements and even mental exercises. All these things combine together to flush that tar and toxic crud out of your lungs at a very fast rate. Once you start to expel these things form the lungs your chances of developing lung disease drops sharply and you can start to feel better and breathe easier once more.

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