Lung Cancer: 3 Cures

Lung Cancer: 3 Cures

If doctors diagnose you with lung cancer, you will have to go through certain therapies depending on the progress of the disease. Here are the 3 cures that can potentially rid you of the disease and heal you. These therapies are widespread practices in the world and are being used extensively by medical doctors.


This treatment works to decrease your tumor size. A tumor is the one that causes the cancer at the first place. When the tumor is kept small, it can’t spread to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy also relieves the pain you get from having the tumor. But the problem is, chemotherapy drugs can also damage your own healthy body cells together with the cancerous cells. So, people usually suffer a lot during the treatment process because of these side effects. But your doctor will usually select a suitable treatment and the degree of medication you receive.


This treatment uses x-rays to eliminate the cancerous cells. There are 2 ways your doctor can perform this treatment. The first method is shooting the radiation waves from the outside of your body. Secondly, they shoot the rays inside of your body by using catheters or needles that are aimed at the cancer area directly. Whether your doctor uses the first or second method depends on the progress of the cancer. Radiation therapy aims to reduce as many cancer cells with minimal healthy cells being affected.


In this last resort, your doctor will discuss with you first because he or she will remove a part of your lung or the entire organ. Sometimes, it is not as severe as it sounds. Your doctor might only remove the lung’s lymph nodes that are within the cancer area.

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