Benefits of Growing an Herbal Tea Garden

Benefits of Growing an Herbal Tea Garden

A herbal tea garden is a great way to improve your garden scenery. Besides you will be able to enjoy the fresh flavor of a tea right out of your garden.

Tea as drink is an infusion made with ground dried leaves in hot water. The tea can also contain other herbs, spices or fruits used as flavoring.

A Herbal tea can be made out of leaves, flowers, seeds or roots of the plants.

Here are some herbs you can plant to make tea:

o Fennel

o Dill

o Echinacea

o Lemon grass

o Nettle

o Valerian

o Yerba Mate

o Boldo

o Bee Balm

Growing tea in your garden shows a lot of benefits.

First it enhances your garden. You can have a Japanese type garden in your house. You can buy some supplies such as granite lanterns, hedges or even bridges and have the Japanese culture in your own backyard.

You save money because you don’t have to run to the stores to buy tea.

You can also make your own tea business!

Other great advantage is its antioxidant compound:

– Protects the body from the harmful effects of oxidants and free radicals that weaken the natural defense system of the body, and accelerate the aging process.

– Helps regulate cholesterol levels, helping the body absorb less fat and digest better.

– Prevents blood clots, as it inhibits a substance released by platelets, thromboxane, which causes platelets to join forming blocks (thrombus).

– Prevents the formation of cavities, due to its fluoride content.

– Exerts a significant diuretic effect to the extent that their intake helps to eliminate fluids.

– The low calorie content makes it a good alternative to sugary soft drinks and especially recommended to those who are bored to be taken to adhere to water consumption.

– Contributes to the hydration of the skin as it allows oxygenation of cells and capillaries.

– Certain components of tea, tannins, which give the characteristic bitter taste, have astringent, so its use is recommended in case of diarrhea.

– Like coffee, tea drinking is a good stimulant that helps clear the mind and awaken the body when it costs more to deliver (in the morning, after the meal…); even if consumption is excessive, just twitching the nerves.

As you see having a herbal tea garden can have several benefits.

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