What You Should Know About Emergency Rooms

It happens everyday on a constant basis. A child gets sick, someone has gotten shot, another person is having a stroke, a pregnant woman is giving birth, and an elderly patient has gone into cardiac arrest.

The one sad thing that all of these individuals have in common is that they ended up in a hospital emergency care.

Most people come here when they are going through something because they know that if they don’t, they may not live to see another day. That can be scary but that’s is why emergency care is available.

Those that would take advantage of right when they start to experience symptoms of something greater happening have an excellent chance of walking away with their lives.

When Children Are Admitted

It’s scary for any parent to have to admit their child into emergency care. When they make it to the hospital, they become priority over everyone else. By law, children are to be admired upon coming into the hospital.

They have to be checked out by having their vitals done. Plus, whatever the issue is, it is taken care of right away. The patient is sent to their assigned room for treatment. Sometimes they leave to go on the same day, but sometimes they don’t. If a child is having a mild allergic reaction to something that they shouldn’t be eating, they use Benadryl to help them out and calm their nerves.

If the medicine helped and the child is starting to feel better, then they get to go home. If it’s something more serious such as a sickle cell reaction or seizure, then they keep them there for care.

When Adults Are Admitted

When an adult comes into the hospital, unless it’s a pregnant woman giving birth, they usually have to sit in the waiting room. That would even include women who are having a miscarriage. They are categorized by whether their condition is a true emergency.

That is how the doctor decides who is next. If a patient comes in and they are having a stroke, usually they are admitted right away. Plus, with so many people coming in for emergency care at one time, they need to pay attention to those that are serious in what they are dealing with.

Elderly patients may have priority depending upon what their ailment might be. No one should walk into an emergency care and think that it should be a first come first serve because that is never the case.

The Billing

It is a known practice that no one is turned away for medical care. It does not matter about their inability to pay. Everyone is treated with the same respect and given the same care whether or not they can pay. These patients are always billed later if they have no insurance.

It’s interesting to see that people can come and still get care without being judged about what they can and can’t pay. It just shows the compassion that is still there. Of course, most insurances will pay for emergency care visits, including the state one for people who are eligible for it.

Anyone needing to go to the emergency room should go. Please note that unless it’s a child that’s sick be prepared to sit in the waiting room until space is made for you. You will not be turned away and you will get the prescriptions you need. There are emergency rooms in every hospital, so don’t think you can’t go to anyone of them and not be seen.

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