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The Benefits of Using the Whizzinator The Whizzinator is a fake penile device with a strap for wearing around the waist. The device can store urine. When you want to pretend to be urinating while on the Whizzinator, you squeeze it to let the stored urine flow out. This article looks at why the Whizzinator makes lot of sense and how you may use it to your advantage. Easy to Wear The simple design of the Whizzinator allows for convenient wearing around the waist. Every time you want it, wearing it is painless.
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The tool is designed to look like a natural body part , so it’s not conspicuous at all. To prevent people from figuring out what you got up your sleeves, the device must always appear natural. One beautiful thing about it is that there are several colors you can choose from to match your skin tone. The major color options you can find include white, Latino, brown, black, and tan. Selecting a matching color helps get rid of strangeness, allowing you to use it while relaxed. If using it in front of several people, nobody will tell you’re up to something without unusually paying attention to it. And when you consider it, do people, whether pals or strangers, usually inspect your private parts for “authenticity” when you’re deploying it for urination in a shared lavatory? Thus, you only need to hold your head high and calmly utilize your Whizzinator without being bothered by the possibility of anyone paying unwanted attention. The New Valve System For confident application, the best Whizzinator not only has to appear natural, but it’s urine release mechanism must be straightforward. A tool featuring a valve functionality that calls for only squeezing to let urine out is perfect for this role. You may use the mechanism without fear as it is both noise-free and covert. Artificial Urine Once you add synthetic urine to your Whizzinator, you’re now ready to use it as though it’s a real part of the human body. The urine is identical to the natural pee, so again, nobody will notice the difference. Ordinarily, standard labs make the artificial urine. Also, the synthetic urine is okay for utilization, and it does not introduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted illness to a user of the Whizzinator. With many lab-made urine products available for buying, your options are unlimited. Many Uses Each person has their own set of reasons for buying and using the Whizzinator. Some will do it for fun, and others for urine screening. If you like to prank mates, this is also an ideal tool. The Whizzinator is certainly worth the investment when you want something that looks like a real human body part to help simulate a real urination act.

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