Using Herbal Teas to Aid Weight Loss

Using Herbal Teas to Aid Weight Loss

Unfortunately, we are not talking about sitting down with your favorite brew of Tetley’s and some shortbread fingers to wash it down with. The consumption of tea for various medicinal purposes has been used for thousands of years; the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks sipped chamomile tea to aid relaxation.

With celebs and nutritionalists alike singing the praises of herbal teas for weight loss, it is no surprise to hear that various types of exotic teas can help to provide a plethora of positive affects such as appetite suppressing properties, increasing metabolism and detoxing benefits.

The two biggest teas that are hailed as weight loss miracles are Green Tea and Oolong Tea.

Green tea is hailed as the super tea, is packed full of antioxidants and can help to reduce the likely-hood of cancer, as well as improving the appearance of your complexion and helping with energy levels.

It is these antioxidants in Green tea that act as an active ingredient, and extracts of the tealeaf are always used in top weight loss products.

The important thing to remember, is this is not a fad, and should not be taken to extremes. Drinking herbal tea should be accompanied by a healthy diet and some moderate exercise to harness the best results. This should also not cost a fortune, ads on the internet for the latest ‘rare’ blend of tea for x amount each month should be ignored. Most of the teas can now be bought at your supermarket or from an online tea specialist.

Green tea epigallacatechin gallate (The compound known as EGCG) is a core element in polyphenol antioxidant which aids the boy to burn fat, therefore helping weight loss when drank regularly throughout the day.

A study carried out I Switzerland found that even just 2 – 3 cups of the tea drank a day could increase an additional 80 calories to be burnt a day through no increase of heart rate i.e. no exercise.

Oolong tea has come onto the market a little later than Green tea, however it has been promoted by some of the biggest celebs, Jenifer Aniston is meant to be a fan.

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea, it is half way between green and black tea in oxidation. It is an extremely popular tea served in most Chinese restaurants and has a taste similar to green tea. Oolong tea is readily available from many online tea retailers.

Oolong has not been studied for weight loss as much as green tea, however we do know that it increases metabolism, burns fat and blocks dietary fat absorption.

Therefore both oolong and green tea can be drunk regularly to help with weight loss through the benefits of increased metabolism and fat absorption blocking.

As with any weight loss aid, the act of drinking the tea is not enough, other precautions such as change in diet/lifestyle must be adopted to see the best results.

Alternatively, you don’t need to be in need of losing weight to enjoy the benefits of these teas, the high levels of antioxidants in the teas can help with overall wellbeing and energy levels, they also taste extremely refreshing.

Many herbal teas are sold in health stores on the high street as well as supermarkets and online.

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