Using Chemotherapy to Treat Cancer – Is There a Better Way?

Using Chemotherapy to Treat Cancer – Is There a Better Way?

These days people spend more money then ever for prescription drugs and it seems for every health problem doctors suggest some kind of a drug. So if doctors suggest drugs for most health problems, then certainly these drugs should be very effective, right? Well, if you think about how many people are using chemotherapy to treat cancer and how many people beat cancer with it, then it is clear that drugs do not work very well.

Money and power are the main driving forces behind the production of drugs. The goal for drug companies is to make as much profits as possible, because it is all a business. The more people are ill, the more potential customers there are. Treating cancer with chemotherapy is a great way to make money.

Big drug companies make the rules and break the rules. What ever they decide is the best way to treat cancer stays that way and other cancer treatment options, that are a lot of safer and much more effective are neglected. The reason why natural and alternative treatments for cancer are not in the mainstream, is not because they are not working, but because you can not patent nature.

When you can not patent something, then you also can not make money. But you can make huge amount of profits selling drugs, that are patented, the problem is getting worse all the time. Most Americans use some kind of a prescription drug and therefore drug companies make a lot of money with it.

If you want to find other ways to treat cancer, besides chemotherapy, then you got to do your own research. People have to stand up for their rights and use treatments that are the most effective and safe, not what is forced upon them.

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