The Online Tea Shop – So Many Teas Available

The Online Tea Shop – So Many Teas Available

Fancy a cuppa of the most refreshing tea you have had in a while? Look no further than different flavours of Oolong Tea. A strange but memorable name and that is exactly how you feel after you have brewed your first cup. The bags are Tung ting temples and that is how we like to think of our bodies!

No matter what your mood there will be a tea bag to help. Whether you are drinking on the go or looking to put your feet up and relax, a helpful mood-o-meter is fun to use and is actually interesting to read, even if you are just researching what to drink when you are next feeling adventurous, bloated or just in a tea drinking rut.

All the traditional tea like green, white, black and oolong comes from the camellia sinensis bush and will naturally contain caffeine. These bushes are grown in quite a few countries all around the world and as such are widely available.

Tea for the temples doesn’t just come from China or India which is where we think tea is grown but from other countries such as Rwanda. They are also working towards maintaining the rainforests which makes us all feel better. All tea packaging from fair-trade is recyclable and even the temple bags are made from corn starch and can be thrown on the compost heap when finished with.

For caffeine free drinks, herbal tea does not come from these bushes and there are hundreds of infusion blends to choose from. Herbal teas are drunk black with just hot water and the temple dunked or left in, either for a few seconds or until you get to the bottom of the cup. Strength of herbal tea like any other is personal preference; some are even better iced instead. The only natural non caffeinated tea produced that can be drunk as usual with milk and sugar is rooibos tea. No artificial flavours are used and you can trust its all natural. You will not find dusty tea in flat bags; these are all real whole leaves.

If you are a blogger you can leave your own comments on the website and help others with what is new, limited edition of just the traditional but also exceptional. A few more cafes are now stocking this type of tea and it is also by word of mouth "have you tried the new herbal blends, it’s a fabulous refreshing change, and it better than many of the usual brands"!

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