Popular Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Popular Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

The craze of herbal tea can be seen a lot among world users because of health benefits. It is prepared from the dried flowers, leaves, seeds, and roots. A hot boiling water is poured on these plant parts and then let them steep for minutes, and then the tisane is strained and addition of sweetened is done if wished and later on served to guest and family members.

Nowadays, you must have come across herbal bags produced by all branded companies for such infusions. Three different types of herbal tea prepared from different processing methods from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant are black tea, green tea, and white tea. Manufacturers consider it as true one and known to contain caffeine. Flavored teas are also one type of this category prepared from by the addition of different plants or can say extract of actual teas such as black, green, yellow, white etc. The Earl Grey appears black in color and is prepared from bergamot whereas jasmine is referred as Chinese one which is prepared from jasmine flowers. Similarly, genmaicha is known to be Japanese green tea with the addition of toasted rice as well.

Further, blending of flavors of different herbs results into health related sensations which is really beneficial in many ways. This is the reason why experts feel great in experimenting with these varied herbs as falls them into world of exploration. You must have heard about the health benefits of these liquid forms and accordingly must have become eager to know their other major varieties whether you consume or not.

Other major varieties of herbal teas are Anise (prepared from seeds or leaves); Artichoke tea, Cannabis (used for preparing Bhang), Caraway (prepared from seeds), Catnip (used as relaxant, sedative), Chinese knot weed tea, and many more. It is harmless, and can be taken for boosting and refreshing your body energy level. These varieties are mainly dedicated for physical and medicinal effects to human consumption. They are greatly consumed for their three major properties such as stimulant, relaxant, and sedative. Herbalism sources like books, websites, and history records will convey the root cause of their great popularity all over the world. In Egypt, herbal tea ‘karkade’ is served during Ahwas, which is very popular, whereas in China, traditional Chinese medicine make utmost use of herbs used in the preparation of tea for addressing core health issues and energizing the health level.

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