Mesothelioma Cancers

Mesothelioma Cancers

Asbestos lung cancer is fast becoming a national health issue. Known as mesothelioma, this cancer is being found in older patients that held occupations in the construction industry. Asbestos was used in ship building, heating and cooling in older buildings, and other applications that required insulation values that asbestos provided. When asbestos was brought to the end user market it was considered as a revolutionary product for its ability to withstand high temperatures in any environment. The majority of use came in the hot water heat and high temperature boiler applications.

It was not known at the time but asbestos being a fiber would allow microscopic particles into the air. These microscopic particles when inhaled were extremely dangerous to anyone working in the area in which asbestos was being applied or removed. Asbestos is actually more dangerous when being removed as in a demolition project. Asbestos is a very hard and brittle substance and when it is broken or cut with a saw thousands of particles are released into the air. When demolition is taking place today, crews with special breathing equipment and apparel are brought in to dispose of the dangerous material.

The microscopic fibers when inhaled make their way into the pleura area between the lungs and the rib cage. This is where they become lodged and lay there dormant until the cells in the area around the particle turn cancerous due to a chemical reaction. The cause of the chemical reaction is not known yet by health care professionals. The cause of this disease is not known yet but is being researched by physicians. Unfortunately there is not yet a cure for this deadly disease. The usual treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are implemented as weapons in the battle against this enemy.

Patients inflicted with this disease are eligible for monetary compensation from the manufacturers of asbestos. Asbestos manufacturers have funds set aside for unfortunate people afflicted with mesothelioma. There are many sources available out there that can get you the information you need to help inflicted people secure victim compensation. If you are one of the unfortunate people to contract this disease you are eligible for compensation.

The cost of dealing with this disease is very expensive. Chemotherapy is one of the most expensive procedures in the medical field. Radiation therapy is also very expensive. If you do not have health insurance it is very important that you contact a legal representative to insure that you and your family receive compensation to offset these high medical costs.

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