Herbal Tea Recipes & Tea Remedies

Herbal Tea Recipes & Tea Remedies

Many people search the web for herbal remedies and there are some interesting recipes to be found. Herbal tea recipes & tea remedies are nothing new, they are the most common and effective way to get the herbs into your system quickly and in the appropriate doseage.

There are herbs to use as remedies for common conditions such as headaches, weight loss, pain reduction, treating insomnia etc. They key is to know what type of herb to use for the desired results.

Here are some of the top herbal remedies that can be made into a nice herbal infusion or tea by a using a simple herbal recipe for tea.

For a weight loss tea, try using senna, or ma huang in a herbal tea recipe (just one or the other, not both). You will get surprising results and each of these herbal teas works in a different way for weight loss. Senna helps improve digestion, and cleans out the digestive tract making it more efficient and helping you to have a better digestive system reducing build up and keeping you regular. Ma huang on the other hand is a chinese herb and is known for speeding up the metabolism and helping you to burn fat. Each of these herbs can be made into an effective and easily absorbed weight loss tea.

Having trouble falling asleep? Looking for a tea to help with insomnia? Chamomile may be the answer for you, and if chamomile herbal tea doesn’t work, you can always try some Kava Tea. Kava is a total body relaxant and will help you drift off to a pleasant sleep at the end of a long day.

If you are suffering from mild depression, a herbal tea concocted with St Johns Wort is an age old remedy for a quick pick me up and takes the blues away.

Most of these herbs are made into a simple tea by steeping them in fresh boiled water and consuming them warm. You can always sweeten your tea with a touch of honey, or add some lemon for a little zest.

No matter what the problem, chances are there is a herbal tea to help. So next time you are feeling under the weather, search out a herbal tea remedy instead of an over the counter medication.

You will be surprised how effective these tea recipes can be.

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