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Reasons You Need an Egress Window Well A window well is a feature in home construction that allows people get a means for easy egress in an emergency. Whenever you are constructing a building that has a basement fully or partially below ground level,egress code requires that a window well be installed in the house design. Window wells should have covers which should properly fit upon the top area of the well. Various kinds of materials are available which may be used to set up a functional window well. A well is supposed to be 4-6 inches wider than the opening of your window. It is recommended that the well be at least 4 to 6 inches above the earth level. Drainage around and in the well is an important factor to pay attention to when installing. A pipe or a few inches of gravel can be used to solve the drainage problem. There is no standard window well size that applies to all buildings as specifications vary from place to place. Now it is time to delve deeper into why you really need to have a window well. Window wells that have the dirt around them firmly fixed into place through careful window well installation keep people from collapsing into loose dirt,hurting themselves. Covers made of aluminum grates on top of clear polycarbonate are best as they have the capacity to remain firm even when weights of up to 400 pounds are placed on them,meaning that it is not possible for human beings to step on them and fall under. These covers will not let an intruder get into your house through the basement,and this guarantees you safety. Wells constructed well that also have the best covers on keep off ice,snow and rain,ensuring they do not leak through the window or damage it.
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In case of an emergency,you can escape or egress out of the building easily through a properly installed window well into safety. The same window well can help you get help from firemen as you can let in through this entrance.
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Whether you want to have a bedroom or an office in your basement,a window well helps to get sunlight into the place,brightening it up. The light that gets naturally from outside will help you cut down on the amount of artificial light needed,helping you save money. The right window well installation professional will help you beautify the basement through introduction of pleasant,creative painting of the materials used on the well,whether it is stone,wood,brick or plastic. It is clear now that there are times when you must install a window well on your home. For those who live in Rockwell,you can consult your local expert for solutions that fit in with your personal preferences and budget.

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