Famous People With Lung Cancer

Famous People With Lung Cancer

Today, due to rampant smoking and tobacco use, the incidences of lung cancer have increased. Health authorities are trying to create awareness and stop people from smoking and chewing tobacco. Lung cancer is an extremely painful disease and shows no mercy to its sufferers. Whether a person is rich or poor, he or she can get lung cancer. In fact, several famous people have suffered from lung cancer.

Some celebrities who battled lung cancer are as follows:

Bob Marley: The famous Jamaican singer and song writer died due to metastasized cancer that spread from his skin to his lungs and brain. He died in the year 1981 when he was just thirty-six years old. Marley suffered from a toe injury while playing soccer in 1977 in France. He ignored the injury, which kept getting worse. Later, he went on to get a skin graft. However, in 1980, he was diagnosed with skin cancer and the doctors just gave him around 1 month to live. This cancer had metastasized to other organs and was at a highly advanced stage.

Walt Disney: The man who gave the world Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney Resort in Florida sustained an injury while playing polo. This occurred in 1966. While undergoing treatment for this injury, it was discovered that Walt had a big tumor growing in his left lung. While Walt had a surgery to remove the tumor, it was too late and the doctors were left with no alternative but to excise the entire lung. Later, in the same year, Walt collapsed and died.

Yul Brynner: The famous Hollywood actor who acted in the renowned film Ten Commandments was a heavy smoker. It is rumored that he contracted lung cancer due to this habit of his. Just prior to his death, he advocated that people give up smoking. Yul passed away in 1985 in October.

Dana Reeve: She was the spouse of the Hollywood star Christopher Reeve, and Dana was diagnosed in 2005 with lung cancer. She was a non-smoker. She underwent therapy for the cancer and it seemed to be shrinking. However, in the early months of 2006, Dana succumbed to the cancer.

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