Facts About Smoking and Lung Cancer!

Facts About Smoking and Lung Cancer!

It is well known and well documented that smoking is a major cause of Lung Cancer. Smoking can also cause chronic types of the disease, plus cancer of the bladder, pancreas and the kidney.


The actual part of the cigarette that makes smoking harmful is all the compounds and chemicals in the tobacco.. It is proven that if men smoke two packets a day they have a 25 times greater risk of catching cancer than non-smokers. If they smoke one packet a day the risk is ten times more likely.


If you stop smoking, the risk of getting cancer reduces. The process that helps the reduction is the replacing of damaged abnormal cells by normal healthy cells. After a period of 10 years the risk of getting cancer reduces to half  of the people that keep smoking. Lung cancer is not something that develops quickly as it takes many years to develop silently in your lungs. The larger numbers of cases seem to be around the 55 to 65 age group.


The changes in the lungs either getting worst or better start almost immediately when you either start or stop smoking. In the USA 86% of the people diagnosed with lung cancer will die within 5 years.


There are two major types of this type of cancer. One type is Non-small cell, and the second is small cell lung cancer. The small cell type tends to spread more quickly to different parts of the body than non small cell is about 20% off all this cancer.


So basically lung cancer is caused by smoking. If you get this cancer there is a 32% chance of a man and 25% of women dyeing from it. The obvious answer is to either not start smoking or to quit now.

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