September 20, 2023

Ideas For Creating a Unique Wedding on a Budget

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Ideas For Creating a Unique Wedding on a BudgetThe average weddings costs tens of thousands...

Ideas For Creating a Unique Wedding on a Budget

The average weddings costs tens of thousands of dollars and usually looks a lot like every other wedding the guests have attended. There may be a few personalized touches, but overall one white dress looks like most and rubbery chicken can only be so tasty, regardless of what sauce the bride and groom choose to have poured over it. If you are trying to plan a wedding on a budget and you loathe the idea of hosting something that looks like it came from the pages of a magazine, there are plenty of ways to create a unique experience that is very affordable. You need to consider three major aspects of a wedding that have a tendency to drive costs through the roof. What food the guests will eat, how many attend and where the wedding is held is going to be three of the most expensive investments when it comes to planning the wedding. If you can find creative ways to alter these aspects, you will save yourself a lot of money and your wedding will be a unique experience. Start by planning a menu that is not the typical sit down meal that lacks taste and affordability. You could have a mid-afternoon wedding and serve desserts with coffee and organic herbal tea. Organic oolong tea or black or any kind of herb will be classy and distinctive, but it will not cost a fortune like an open bar. Plus, with only cake and desserts, you can cut down on wait staff and the cost of the meal.

If your heart is set on a traditional sit-down dinner, consider cutting the guest list. This is one of the biggest points of contention when it comes to a wedding, and depending on who is paying, you may have an argument on your hands. Your wedding is your opportunity to share with your closest friends and loved ones the beginning of your lives together. Chances are a list of your closest friends and loved ones will not include your fiance’s great, great aunt Lucinda. If he wants to invite her because of a special relationship, that is fine. But if you are getting pressure to invite hundreds of people, and this pressure does not come with copious amounts of money, it is better to keep the guest list short. Even if you are receiving financial help, if you want an intimate ceremony you are going to have to be direct with people and tell them the guest list is very limited. There is nothing wrong with wanting to share your day with just a few close friends and relatives.

Finally, where you have the wedding is going to affect the cost. You may have a location in mind that is expensive, so cutting cost in other ways will be necessary. However, if you are flexible about where it happens, you can save a great deal of money. Choosing less formal venues often slashes thousands from the cost, but you may end up making up for it if you need to hire catering and entertainment. Another thing to consider is having a destination wedding. It may seem expensive, but nothing cuts your guest list quicker than getting married 3,000 miles from home.

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