Enjoy a Hot Cup of Tea Every Day, Stay Healthy and Fit!

Enjoy a Hot Cup of Tea Every Day, Stay Healthy and Fit!

Most of us enjoy tea due to numerous reasons. While some prefer the fragrance of the tea wafting through the room, other see it as a source of warmth on a chilly morning in the winter. But, have you ever wondered about the greatness of our favorite drink? The fact is that the benefits are numerous. And the only objection generally raised against drinking tea regularly is the wrong notion that tea affects the health of our teeth. But, it is the sugar added to the tea which adversely affects teeth. Drinking tea without adding sure even protects your teeth and gums. Here are some attributes of different types of tea.

Made from steamed tea leaves, green tea is rich with anti oxidants which are capable to protect those who consume it from cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Furthermore, it is considered to be a safeguard against the unwanted clogging of blood in the arteries leading to heart diseases.

A variant of the drink, black tea is made with fermented tea leaves. The high quantity of caffeine protects lungs from the impacts of smoking.

White tea, made with unprocessed leaves is the richest source of anti oxidants which act as safeguards against cancer.

Oolong tea, generally sold as a drink which reduces weight is considered to be rich with factors capable of protecting those who drink it on a regular basis from unhealthy cholesterol.

Another variant of black tea, Pu-erh helps to reduce LDL cholesterol in one’s body. Dry and fermented, the leaves are given as cakes for animals.

Herbal tea

Chamomile, an herbal variant of tea is reported to help those who suffer from diabetes. It slows the adverse effects of the disease like loss of vision.

Echinacea, another of the kind is generally used as a remedy for common instances of cold. And, research is still going on for conclusive evidences with regard to the potential of this great drink.

Hibiscus, another of the kind lowers blood pressure. Drinking three cups of this tea is offers great relief for those who are suffering from moderate high blood pressure.

If weight loss is the benefit you desire from tea, the ideal variety is Cho Yung tea. Reported to be the best of the kind, drinking this tea on a regular basis increases the rate of metabolism. This is known to be the oldest weight loss supplement produced by the Chinese.

Even though tea is a great health drink, you are advised to be careful in selecting the ingredients. Read the label before making any purchase. It is highly recommended that you abide by the FDA guidelines.

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