Cigar – 9 Reasons Why We Should Not Smoke It

Cigar – 9 Reasons Why We Should Not Smoke It

A cigar is dangerous to health and so it should be avoided, as smoking it does not only pose a threat to the health of the user; it also threatens the life of the passive smoker (one who inhales the smoke from what another person is smoking).

A cigar is the roll of dried Tobacco leaves, which people smoke like cigarette. It is usually bigger than cigarette and it is not wrapped with paper. The danger it poses to human health is the same as that posed by cigarette since they both contain tar, Nicotine and several other impurities. The danger it poses to health far outweighs its benefits, if any.

Cigars must be avoided if you must enjoy optimum health and last long. Some of the reasons why it must be avoided include:

Chronic Bronchitis: Cigar causes chronic bronchitis (chronic inflammation of the bronchi). The poisonous substances it contains weaken the cilia in the upper respiratory tract, thereby exposing the individual to repeated respiratory tract infections. With time the infections spread to the bronchi, causing acute bronchitis. When this is not well managed, chronic bronchitis results.

Emphysema: Pulmonary emphysema occurs as a result of repeated respiratory diseases; it leads to abnormal distension of the alveoli, and subsequently to the formation of bullae on the lung surface, following the breakdown of the intervening walls of the alveoli. The individual experiences breathlessness and this could get worse on exertion.

Lung cancer: the chemicals in the cigar alter the cell structure of the lungs thereby leading to the development of lung cancer. Once this condition is diagnosed, the individual does not usually last for more than 2 years. He experiences severe pains in the chest region, breathlessness, extreme tiredness and some times cough.

Stroke: Cigar smoking usually worsens an already existing arteriosclerosis. The tiny blood vessels in the brain could be ruptured as blood forces its way through them. When this happens, the individual suffers from stroke or apoplexy, with loss of sensation or paralysis of the opposite side of the body to the lesion.

Mouth and Throat cancer: Chemicals or hydrocarbons in Tobacco also lead to cancer of the lips, cheek, tongue and larynx. Surgical operation to remove those cancerous cells could lead to the damage of the vocal cord, producing loss of voice: they could also be disfiguring.

Heart disease: The poisonous substances in cigar can lead to heart disease such as pericarditis. Repeated respiratory infections and chronic bronchitis can also lead to congestive cardiac failure.

Gastric ulcer: Nicotine decreases mucus secretion in the GIT, and allows diffusion of acid to the mucus lining: and in turn lead to auto-digestion of the mucus lining. This auto digestion exposes more portion of the intestine to the effect of gastric acid and hydrochloric acid.

Cancer of the bladder: The chemical wastes from cigar are excreted through the kidneys. The urinary bladder acts as temporary storage tank for the urine containing these chemicals; and so with time, the bladder develops cancer.

Fetal risk: Smokers expose their unborn fetuses to the carbon monoxide produced from the incomplete combustion of tobacco. Carbon monoxide in turn reduces oxygen and haemoglobin supplied to the foetus, thereby leading to poor development and low weight, as well as increasing the risk of premature birth and intra-uterine death.

One has to completely avoid the use of cigar if one is to escape from the afore-mentioned dangers. Non-smokers must also protect themselves by running away from smokers, in order to escape from the effects of secondary smoking. Remember that most health ministries now warn that “smokers are liable to die young.”

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