Why You Should Use a Paternity Test Kit

A time may come in the life of a man or a woman where it is uncertain who the father of a baby is. A mother may be angry with the boyfriend and may try to deny that he is the father. On the flip side, she may be angry and try to pin the paternity of her male friend on the friend. Actually the child may be the seed of another. It is a good thing that modern technology makes it simple to establish paternity. In order to effectively prove paternity, the man could use a paternity test kit.

Traditionally the paternity tests are done by a medical professional. However, there are home test kits available. They have proven to be just as accurate. The way the test is done is with a swab made with synthetic fibers. This is called a buccal swab. The swab is taken from the inside of the mouth. The test kit consists of sterile equipment and instructions on the preferred method of recovering samples. The entire procedure is about 10 minutes and after an hour of the swabs drying, the swabs can be sent to the lab by regular mail.

There are several methods of doing the DNA sampling that proves paternity, such as the sampling of blood, follicles of hair and the mouth. The swabbing of the mouth is easier and there is no pain involved. This makes the swabbing procedure most widely used. The only disadvantage to using the home paternity kit is that it is not admissible in court. A method that is legally accepted will be required. Finally, when selecting a home test kit, ensure that it is from an accredited laboratory.

There is a website called PaternityTestingLabs.com that offers the test kits that customers can depend on. They have different types of relationship tests that can be performed. In addition to the traditional paternity test, they also offer the siblings test, the grandparents test, aunt or uncle test, maternity test and twins test. If there are any that wants to get more information about a paternity test, visit the website at http://paternitytestinglabs.com.

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