Smoking Kills – Don’t Let It Get You

Smoking Kills – Don’t Let It Get You

Smoking is a slow process of suicide and it is also known as a silent killer. Everybody wants to spend a healthy and happy life among the loved ones but smoking comes in the way and destroys all the plans of happiness and health.

If you see the data of the US and the UK, you will see that a large number of people die due to the lung cancer or other smoke related diseases and this number is increasing every day. Today smoking has become a social need or a status symbol and people smoke just for fun. The media is playing a very important role in increasing nicotine usage among teens. The fun smoking that starts in the teen age goes into the adult age as a powerful habit and addiction. The roots to the teen age problem usually lie in your past and can be corrected by using hypnotherapy.

Smoking is especially a killer for people with family history of asthma because smoking can trigger their asthma genes anytime and can make them vulnerable to various other breathing disorders. Lung cancer and mouth cancer are two most common types of cancers caused by smoking. A cognitive behavioral smoking awareness program and intervention will help you understand the situation logically and will change your false beliefs into reality.

The residue from burned tobacco is jammed in your larynx and esophagus and constricts out the air passage and causes inflation of arteries and veins. Gradually the air passage becomes so tight that it becomes hard to breathe and swallow food. It can also become a source of constant coughing and can turn into chronic coughing. The residue also enters in your system through your nose but your nose has protection barriers but they cannot protect you forever.

The harmful chemicals and toxins from tobacco infiltrate your body and balance of the body is disturbed. Smoking gradually affects the self healing property of your body and that’s when different kinds of cancers start to develop. The smoke of tobacco kills the healthy and protective cells of your body and destroys the immune system.

You need to be aware of smoking hazards and should not fall prey to it. If you have not been able to quit smoking till now then you should not wait any longer. If you do not kill your burning cigarette today then it will definitely kill you tomorrow.

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