Herbal Tea and Weight Loss Benefit

Herbal Tea and Weight Loss Benefit

People always link together herbal tea and weight loss. There is no problem with that. That is exactly true but not all teas have weight loss benefits. Teas are originally created in Asia as a medicinal beverage. This is because teas have health benefits that are gained by people who imbibe it.

What are the common benefits that you get from drinking tea? There are actually many but we can only talk briefly the top 5.

First benefit, it reduces the threat of having heart ailments and stroke. This is because tea contains antioxidants that lessen the LDL cholesterol levels, thus making your arteries free from clogging up.

Second benefit, it protects you from premature aging and from the harsh effects of toxins and other pollutants from the surrounding. Free radicals are being rebuffed by your system because of the essential nutrients that are from the natural ingredients of tea.

Third benefit, it fortifies your immune system. Thus, tea drinkers are protected from any viral and bacterial infections. This is also due to the alkylamine antigens content of teas, so your body is protected from any kinds of infection.

Fourth benefit, it alleviates you from nervous tension, insomnia and even fussiness. Teas have a relaxing and soothing effect in the body.

Fifth benefit, it assists digestion and intensifies your metabolism. This benefit is the reason why you will lose weight because your calories and stored fat will be burned up and utilized. The tannins present in the tea aid your digestive system. The catechins are able to torch down the stored fats.

What are the best teas that aid weigh loss? There are so many teas that can give you the health benefits that you need. You have so many choices that are available in the market. You can have green tea, chamomile, seaweed, cayenne, Alfalfa, blackberry leaf, Peppermint, Rosehip, Licorice root, Dandelion, Fenugreek, and others. So as you can see herbal tea and weight loss should not be exclusively associated to one another because there are other benefits that one can get from drinking tea.

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