Great Tasting, Award Winning Tea!

Great Tasting, Award Winning Tea!

Are you a tea lover? If the answer to this question is yes, then you deserve the best! Did you know that you could indulge in a cup of pure, simple yet fulfilling tea every time you take a brew break? If not, maybe you should shop around a bit.

Break the nasty habits of the weekly shop, where you simply throw the first tea bags you see into your shopping trolley, and take a look around to discover the options that wait for you. With award winning tea simply waiting to be discovered, why don’t you take a look and discover how you could spice up your tea break and bring a little excitement into your morning brew.

Ranging from delicate jasmine pearls to award winning every day English breakfast – there is sure to be a tea to suit your palate. However, if you’re struggling to decide which tea you would prefer then why not try them all? It’s not as expensive as it sounds, with a small selection mix and match samples box, you are able to taste a huge array of teas and settle on the tea you prefer for your next purchase.

Although there are simple teas where you need nothing other than a tea bag and a good mug, there are other teas for the "professional" who may prefer to master the talents of making a real brew. You may be looking for a gift for a tea lover or simply want to treat yourself, and your kitchen to a new gadget.

With quirky and fun tea pots, mugs and cups you can bring some fun and excitement to your tea break – maybe your always on the go and have no time for your morning brew; well don’t fear, you can simply purchase a travel mug which will allow you to drink your tea on the move. You don’t need to worry about the classic "tea too hot" issue as these specially designed travel mugs allow you to cool your tea to the perfect temperature through the unique temperature control chamber. Ideal for those impatient drinkers!

With an online shopping making it simple and easy to shop and even easier to keep track of your spending there is nothing stopping you from making the transition from frumpy standard tea bags to delicate, specific and innovative tea designed just for you. With all orders over £35 receiving free delivery across the country – why not treat yourself?

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