Discover How To Fight Disease Simply By Drinking Tea

Discover How To Fight Disease Simply By Drinking Tea

Rooibos Tea

You’ve heard of green tea, well now here is another even more powerful tea that can beat it for nutrient and anti-oxidant properties.

Pronounced Roy-Boss this tea comes from South Africa and like black tea has been around for centuries.

Rooibos comes packed with nutrients such as Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese and copper to name a few.

But the benefits of Rooibos do not end there it is famous for having more anti-oxidants than other teas and also aids digestion, boosts the immune system and eases problems such as nervous tension and headaches.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is famed for its pleasant flavor and its calming abilities however there are other benefits that until recently were not scientifically proved.

From experiments it appears that Chamomile Tea is actually a mild sedative and can be used for treating muscle cramps and spasms. It is also traditionally used to aid stomach cramps and irritable bowel syndrome.

Chamomile plants are grown in many areas of Europe and Asia but have recently been introduced to North America.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is a well renowned remedy for a number of digestive complaints including irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, vomiting and diarrhea.

However peppermint tea can also be applied locally to the skin to treat such complaints as shingles and back pain after all peppermint tea is a muscle relaxant.

Something that was not common knowledge until recently is the growing fad of the peppermint tea diet, strange but true and not at all satisfying as far as the appetite goes I would assume.

Green Tea

Green tea is probably the most popular of teas at the moment it has been part of a big renaissance where people are turning to healthy beverages from the Far East.

It has a light delicate flavor, it can be drunk hot or cold and is probably not liable to offend any palate, rather soothe it.

Green tea although it contains caffeine it does so at a lower concentration than say coffee. This means that although you can use it to give you a lift in the afternoon you do not get some of the more unpleasant side effects.

It is because of the caffeine that green tea is also used as an aid to dieting, the caffeine encourages a higher rate of metabolism and therefore, all other things being equal, weight loss.

White Tea

White tea is cultivated from the same tea plant as green and white tea, the difference being that the leaves are taken much earlier than the other two teas. The theory behind this being that this enables more of the nutrients to be captured and passed on to you the drinker.

White tea is sweeter and a bit lighter in taste than green tea but it is prepared in the same way, steeped in water just off the boil for around five minutes.

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