Bloating Problem? Know Four Habits That Cause It

You may have experienced a bloated stomach at one time or another. Bloating is not only irritating but also embarrassing. When most people have a bloated stomach, they think it’s due to accumulated gas in their stomach. Bloating can occur due to some other reasons especially in women. Whenever you have a bloated stomach, your clothes appear tighter than normal. This happens because some gas is already trapped in your digestive system. To avoid the bloating problem, you must first identify what causes it. Many people just know when they have a bloating problem, but they cannot identify the cause. Causes of a bloated stomach vary from one person to another. Here are some of the common causes of the bloating problem:

Eating a few minutes to your bedtime

Eating before bed is a big mistake most people make today. You should eat your dinner 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed. Dinner meals should be easy to digest and light. If eating while going to bed becomes habitual, it may cause inflammation in the body and weight gain. Besides hindering good digestion, it could also cause constipation. Yogurt and fruits could be the best choice for your dinner.
Processed foods
Sodium and other substances are always in high amounts in processed foods. These substances just harm your stomach. Sodium is known to influence fluid retention in the body leading to a bloated stomach. If you are to eat processed foods, ensure the quantity of sodium and other substances are minimal. Where possible, eat food made at home or just live on natural foods. Whole wheat grains, vegetables, and fruits have lower sodium levels. Some of them are even sodium free making them the best choice for those who experience bloating problem quite often.
Eating too fast
Eating too fast could be the reason your stomach is bloated. Always chew your food well and eat in moderation. When you eat too fast, you swallow air without your knowledge. If you swallow a lot of air, you end up with a bloated stomach. If you learn to eat in a healthy manner, you will always have a healthy stomach. A slow pace while eating will ensure better digestion. You won’t accumulate gases in your stomach that cause severe bloating Brooklyn NY symptoms.


Food Intolerances
One major problem most people make is overlooking the issue of food intolerance. Besides causing a bloated stomach, food intolerances could also cause of some other health problems. Some people just assume they are immune to food allergies. While this could be a good thought, food allergies could be the reason you develop a bloated stomach. If you have wheat intolerance, you may not comfortably digest gluten. This would eventually cause digestive problems that lead to bloating. If this happens to you, ensure you seek a food sensitivity test from a medical specialist. This would help the doctor to know if they would have to modify the food you eat or not.
You would have to modify some bad habits if you want to avoid bloating problems. If you avoid the above problems, you will always have a flat and healthy stomach. Increased water consumption, more physical activities, and improved diet will keep the bloating problem at bay. Always avoid assuming that bloating is a simple problem especially if it comes with some discomforts.


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